Monthly Archives: June 2010

Toys and food

Just came from Checkers, where the kids through a tantrum for not getting any toys.

In the car on our way back home Chayill says, lets stop by Toys R US. Knowing that there are no Toys R Us in Kimberley (I hope there isn’t), I asked Chayill, ‘Where must I buy you a toy’ – ┬áin an attempt to distract them from their disappointment and hoping he would say Toys R US and I would say ‘Sorry my boy, there’s no Toys R US in Kimberley’.

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Fathers day

This morning I got a card with a big picture of Garfield on the front, saying: ‘I like telling everyone you my dad; it’s good for your image’

It reminded me of a time when the Internet was just starting, and fortunately the University I was at, was one of the forerunners in getting SA connected. Fortunately I also had a few computer science friends who taught me the html mark up language. Hence I been blogging before blogging became blogging.

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