Monthly Archives: November 2010

Succession planning …

At the breakfast table this morning Chayill blurts out: “Daddy is the boss of the house”

Mommy objects, and Chayill responds: “You can be the boss every second day and when daddy dies you can be the boss forever cos then daddy will be the boss of the grave.”

Daddy: “Chayill, when I’m boss of the dead, I’ll make you my right hand boy”

Chayill: “I’m left handed”

Daddy: “Ok then, you can be my left wing”

Chayill: “But I want to be on both sides and be your face”

Daddy: “I guess it is possible when we dead”

Girly chipmuncks …

Chayill chooses Alvin and the Chipmunks at the video store. When he gets home Asher says: ‘ah man, chipmunks 1 is boring, I only like chipmunks 2′.

Chayill: ‘You only like the girls’.

Next week we in the video store, Chayill blurts out loud: ‘MOMMY I WANT THIS MOVIE (pointing to chipmunks 2), I WANT TO SEE THE GIRLS’