Monthly Archives: December 2010

Toys for girls …

While walking down the toy aisle, Chayill sees a Barbie and Ken doll sets and says:

“Daddy, buy Gabby this for Christmas. Look Daddy it has a boy in it. It has a girl and a boy. Buy it then I can also play with Gabby.”

The best time …

Tried sleeping late. It was a holiday after all, but with three young kids in the house; 12h00 was pushing it …

Spent the morning making pancakes. Tried out a new recipe (or thought that I had in my head). Melted about a litre of blueberry cheesecake ice cream and used it instead of milk.  Pancakes came out a bit thick, almost like waffles. The flavour carried through very well.

Mommy joined me in the kitchen to prepare some yummy fillings while the boys built cars and airplanes with their lego’s on the dining room table. Gabby occupied the lounge floor dancing to Daddy’s “favourites” playlist. Its not everyday the family lets me play my music for so long. Glad my daughter enjoyed it.

Spent the rest of the day watching movies. ┬áStarted the movie marathon with Indiana Jones (from Raiders to the Crystal Skull) and ended the day with some cheese and wine, Eclipse and my wifes favourite series ‘Greys’.

This was one roller coaster year. If anything I take from it; ‘the best living occurs in the presence of those you love most’.