Monthly Archives: April 2011

Pooh, not Winnie …

Asher(7) on the toilet busy with a number 2.

Chayill(5) walks in: “Asher get off I want to pooh!”

Asher: “NO I am busy poohing!”

Chayill: “But i want to, get off!

No response from Asher.

Chayill: “You know Asher, You the Devils child if you don’t want to get off”

Asher: “NO! You are the devils child. Where must I now pooh? On the floor? Uh uh! You must just wait till I am finished in the next 20 minutes. Thats not even long.”

We have three toilets in the house, don’t know why they fight over using the one in my bedroom.


Asher(7) walks in while I’m shaving. I’ve just shaved off my beard, leaving a moustache.

Daddy: ‘Asher how does my moustache look’.

Asher: ‘You look like a manager. Shave off that hair (pointing to his lip) then you’ll look like a real daddy’

Avatar …

Kids making an avatar for Daddy.

Daddy: ‘Take those lines off my forehead’.

Kids laughing.

Thinker …

Last night Chayill(5) tells Mummy we must rather first brush our teeth before we get into the bath cause there’s not enough time when we finished…(she said okay)

The next day she forgets, Chayill: “Mummy I am not getting in … I am a thinker; first brushing my teeth! Let me go tell Asher I am a thinker”

Delayed gratification…

I’m amazed at my five year old’s ability to practice delayed gratification. We agreed with him that if he did not get a birthday gift we would save his money and buy him something bigger for Christmas. He had his mind set on an xbox and we agreed.

We didn’t really think he would stick to the agreement so we bought him a birthday gift anyway, just in case he got to sad. In that way we would have something to give him.

But through out the day he surprised us by telling everybody who asked him what he got for his birthday: ‘I didn’t get a gift’ with a big smile on his face; ‘mommy’s gonna buy me an xbox for Christmas’

And for those who look at him with a long face, ‘Ja ha, that’s how it works. If you don’t take a birthday gift then you can get a bigger one for Christmas. I could have a small birthday gift and a small Christmas gift or a big Christmas gift and I want a big one.’

When he relayed the story to his ouma over the phone he added at the end: ‘but you can buy me an xbox then I don’t have to wait so long’

Special friends …

Coming home from his first day back at school Asher seemed to be a bit depressed. I sit down next to him and start prodding him about his day. I appears as if the main reason he was so down was because his friend Bianca went to another school.

Asher(7): ‘She just left daddy and she didn’t even tell me she was going’

Asher was sick for the rest of the week. I’m not sure if he was genuinely ill or just love sick.

Phone call from my daughter …

Gabby(2) puts a phone to my ear and holds another to hers. She says nothing. I say hello. She says nothing. I say: ‘Say something Gabby, say hello’.

She responds: ‘No. Bye!’ and walks off with the phones.