Monthly Archives: June 2011

Reading luke …

Reading Luke in the bible Asher(8) reads : ….. the angel Gabrielle …’.

Daddy: ‘Thats Gabriel Asher. Did you know that we named your sister after the angel’.

Asher: ‘No you didn’t, you name her after Gabby from desperate house wives’.


Asher continues: ‘Are angels boys daddy?’

Daddy: ‘I don’t know. I don’t think they are boys or girls’.

Asher: ‘Cant be, they must be half boy and half girl.’

Reading a bit further he comes apon the verse: ‘…. born of the tribe of Asher ….’

Asher: ‘This is re-iculous. I’m not reading this anymore.’

Mary and Joseph …

Reading about the birth of Jesus, Asher(8) asks me: ‘Daddy, did Joseph ever marry Mary’.

Daddy: ‘I think he did marry her after Jesus was born’.

Asher thinking first then responds: ‘That’s a funny way of doing things’

No toti …

Gabby (2) looking at herself in the bath: ‘I don’t have a toti’

Sore throat …

Mommy waking Asher(8) up in the morning; Asher: ‘Mommy my throat is sore, if feels like rocks tumbling’.

Not so slim …

Asher (8) hugging me around my waste: “daddy I can’t get my arms around you”.

Daddy: “Are you saying I’m fat Asher”.

Asher: “No not fat – (thinking) – just not skinny. You in between. You must go to the gym. OK. On Sunday you must take me to the gym. Then we can gym together. OK daddy. You promise me you gonna get thin”.

Circumcission …

Asher (8), reading the bible comes across circumcision: “Daddy, what is circumtion.”

Daddy: ‘It’s when they cut your toti off’.

Asher: ‘Daddy come closer’

I move closer to him. He smacks me and says: ‘Don’t say things like that’.

Daddy shocked!

Impress my mind …

Asher(7): ‘What movie did mommy get us’

Daddy: ‘I don’t think mommy got you guys a movie’

Asher: ‘Don’t try to impress my mind, I saw mommy by the kiddies section”

Daddy: “What do you mean Asher”

Asher: “I know you like putting thoughts in my mind. So don’t impress my mind. I know mommy got us a movie”