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Washing dishes with Asher(8) we hear mommy shouting ‘Lula’ (the dog) and to me it sounds like it is coming from inside.

Daddy: ‘Asher is mommy inside or outside?’

Asher: ‘Did you hear her shout at Lula?’

Daddy: ‘Yes’

Asher: ‘So where is mommy?’

Daddy: ‘Thats what I asked you’

Asher rolling his eyes, probably thinking to himself – the dog is outside, mommy shouted at her, so mommy must be outside; how doesn’t daddy get that.

Daddy: ‘Are you being sarcastic with me?’

Asher: ‘No daddy, I’m just trying to help you think.’

The moth

Gabby(3) pointing to something on the floor: ‘Look daddy, a moth’
Daddy, tired and wanting to wind down after long day at work, hear’s his 3 year old saying: ‘Look daddy, a mote’ and because she struggles with ‘r’ assumes she means ‘remote'; and responds: ‘Pick it up’

Gabby with a horrid look in her eyes bursts into tear and runs out of the room shouting ‘MOMMY’

Shopping with mommy

Waking up Asher(8) to go buy some back to school supplies, Asher: ‘I don’t want to go’

Daddy: ‘I also don’t want to go. If you looked after your stuff then we wouldn’t have to go.’

Asher: ‘Is mommy going. She always takes forever. If she says 2 then she finishes at 4.’

Daddy: ‘Like I said, if you looked after your stuff, we wouldn’t have to go through this pain.’

Asher gets up, goes through his wardrobe and comes back to me, ‘Daddy I got all my stuff, I just need books. Can’t you just go buy that. It’ll be a lot quicker.’

Daddy: ‘Asher! Your mother needs to shop. Just man up and get yourself ready’

I probably shouldn’t have said that. Left my boy very despondent, and probably taught him to compromise and give in to commercialism.

After showering Asher says to me: ‘All you want to do is relax at home and all mommy want to do is be outside. I’m never going to get married then I can be lazy when I want to.’

School work

Doing some practice prep work for grade 3 with Asher(8) when Gabby(3) and Chayill walks in. Daddy (aka teacher): ‘You two are disrupting my class.’

Chayill growls at me and leaves

Gabby: ‘I’ll go to my own room and do my own work and I’ll tell mommy’

Daddy: ‘Good then do that’

Gabby, walking out: ‘And I’m gonna wear my seatbelt’

Daddy: ‘Good’

Gabby, pops her head back into the room, and growls at me.

Daddy, after Chayill(5) used a quarter roll of toilet paper in one sitting: ‘Chayill you don’t need to use so much toilet paper. Try using just a little less.

Chayill (5): ‘I wipe until my bum feels right’ and walks off indicating end of discussion.

20 kids

After a weekend visit from the boys 4 cousins (all girls), Chayill(5) asks: ‘Mommy, why when we were born we were only 3 kids but when they were born they were 20′

I guess 4 girls could feel like 20. Boys were rather well behaved over the weekend, in fact I can’t recall a single argument between them. Now that the girls are gone, they already …