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Washing dishes with Asher(8) we hear mommy shouting ‘Lula’ (the dog) and to me it sounds like it is coming from inside.

Daddy: ‘Asher is mommy inside or outside?’

Asher: ‘Did you hear her shout at Lula?’

Daddy: ‘Yes’

Asher: ‘So where is mommy?’

Daddy: ‘Thats what I asked you’

Asher rolling his eyes, probably thinking to himself – the dog is outside, mommy shouted at her, so mommy must be outside; how doesn’t daddy get that.

Daddy: ‘Are you being sarcastic with me?’

Asher: ‘No daddy, I’m just trying to help you think.’

Blood type

Mommy asking Daddy: ‘What is Chayill’s blood type, A or B’
Asher (8): ‘What kind of blood do I have mommy’
Daddy: ‘You have green alien blood Asher’
Asher: ‘No man, stop playing. Do I also have letter blood. Do you get letters based on how clever you are’

Social Work Scholarship Programme

We’ve successfully implemented this programme in 2007 to address the current shortage of Social Workers in SA

An now we’ve opened Pandora’s box … but we’re fixing it. This programme has been very successful in a very short space of time, even though there were (and there still is) many teething problems.

If anyone is interested in studying Social Work…. contact the department of Social Development.

Donor Co-ordination

Currently we are trying to map donor funding in the children’s sector (in collaboration with LINC).

In August we co-hosted the first Dialogue event bringing a very diverse range of Donors from business, local and international, NGOs and Governement together for 3 hours of very fruitful discussions.

Thus far we’ve managed to set up the a directory of donors in the children’s sector on the AIDSBuzz website … in addition we trying to get some research off the ground to be able quantify donor funds.