Wrinkles …

Putting Asher to bed, I encouraging him to sleep so that he can wake up early and be in time for school. Asher comes up with a brilliant idea so that he can sleep a bit longer in the morning:

‘Daddy, why don’t I get dressed now then tomorrow I only have to brush my teeth and eat my breakfast’.

Daddy: ‘I don’t think that’s going to work Asher’

Asher: ‘Why?’

Daddy: ‘Because your clothes will get wrinkled’

Asher ponders for a minute then asks: ‘Why did God make wrinkles’

Daddy: ‘eerrr, I don’t ….. Hmmm, I don’t think God made wrinkles’

Asher: ‘Is that why mommy irons the clothes, she takes the wrinkles out for us’

Daddy, glad he didn’t ask me who made wrinkles: ‘Yep, your mommy is the wrinkle vanquisher’

Asher: ‘Dadddy …’

Daddy anticipating the question: ‘She’s a super hero that fights wrinkles with her iron. Now you need to go sleep or she’ll come an iron your PJs’