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New sandals

The sole of my sandals came loose a few months ago, so I took out the staple gun and fired a few staples into them. Unfortunately every other week the staples pull loose and I had to staple them again. Eventually the whole sole just ripped off one day and I had to concede to my wife’s advice to just buy new ones. As I was throwing them away acknowledging that their lifespan has been reached, I thought to myself – I’ll just run to the store tomorrow and replace them.

Three weeks of walking around bare footed in the house and finding excuses for why I can’t take the garbage out or go outside when needed to; I find myself in the mall looking for new sandals.

Now I know exactly what I want and where I’ll find it and I know they going to fit just right and I’ll be happy with them. How? Because I’m going to get me the same pair I wore for the last decade.

But instead of doing this I end up going to 7 other stores trying on different types, all of which were just wrong and eventually end up at the store I intended going to; buying the sandal I always buy.

Why did I go to the other stores? My wife went with me and pointed out all the other stores we walked pass on our way to ‘the store’. ¬†At the time her logic – how do you know they don’t have what you want if you didn’t even know they were there – seemed reasonable; but looking back that makes no sense. Of course they don’t have what I want. If they did, I’d know of their existence.

But I must be thankful that at least my wife got me to the store …